Recycling history

Can we design with the existing graphic elements of old archeological finds?
Using existing graphical elements from archeological finds, 0 - 1800 AD, we recreated a ‘relic box’ in a modern and new way.
By doing this by using the old elements, we try to mix different distinguished styles and try to make it into one new style.
We recycle history and we review the visual role of the Roman and Medieval elements. We try to re-evaluate the term ‘modern’ by recycling these classical elements and by doing so open our design practice and try new interesting ways of creating modern graphic elements.
Our work becomes a piece which reflects the design practice from 0 AD until 2019 in the Arnhem region.
We created an hologram, something in-between physical and digital, it also represents the modern technology of the 21st century, it becomes untouchable just as the museum pieces.

Hologram: 1920 × 1080, collaboration with Sabina Scortanu

Holy scripture of Will o' the wisp

This book is created as a reaction to the big religions of the world. Most religions began as a nature inspired religion, which later resolved into the ‘god’ we know today.
Joseph Campbell writes in his studies on myths and religion the following:

“Every religion is true in one way or another. It is true, if metaphorically understood. But if he becomes entangled in his own metaphors, explaining them as facts, then it is wrong”
– Joseph Campbell

Todays religion take the scriptures that come with it as truth, as facts, as historically accurate stories. Although the stories might have some truth in them, that does not make them truth. In dozens of (re)translations of the original scripture, things change and are left out, words have been reinterpreted. Together with centuries of change I don’t believe these scriptures have much in them rather than moral stories which, just as Campbell said, should be taken metaphorically, not as facts or truth.

To give a healthy view on these moral stories, I created this scripture containing folklore stories nowadays seen as superstition. All based on natural phenomenon where ghostly lights appear in nature. Geological events surrounded with myth and folklore. Will o’ the Wisp. What if these stories would become religion?

Will-o’-the-wisps appear in Europe’s written record around the thirteenth century, but their legend was well known, all across the world, long before pen was put to paper. The oral traditions of Cornish, Nordic, and Aborigine people warn against the dangers of these phantom lights. All the ancient stories and myths attempting to explain the origins of this light phenomena use supernatural mechanics, generally pertaining to the voyage of the soul after death.

This book contains stories from all over the world, and is a collection of different publications.

Book: hardcover, 200x140mm, Retroreflective lettering.

Hidden in plain sight,
how one image can cover up.

Is a work, reflecting on/re-enacting Disneyland Paris’ way of dealing with negative advertising for their park. How companies like Disney use social media to manipulate the view of ‘consumers’ by distraction.

By combining the found images and articles, and by using all of them in the projection I hope I have somehow produced something which is politically educative. My work doesn’t only comment on Disney, but on the capitalistic system as a whole.

Installation: Projection on triplex, 1920 × 1080, 5 min. 30 sec.
Video not available online due to copyright.

Perfect DNA

While watching a documentary about 'designer DNA' on NETFLIX, I discovered that creating the perfect baby wasn't far from happening. All technology needed to do so exist allready. With this project I let people Design their own baby/child in a sims like way, and afterwards let them fill in a form with questions why they designed their baby in this specific way, the outcome was quite interesting.
As a reaction on these findings, I created a waiting room for a clinic specialized in making your perfect baby, including samples of eyecolour (glass eyes) and multiple hair swatches.

Installation: Table with different eye/hair colour swatches and a timelaps video of a baby being designed, 1920 × 1080, 2 min. 11 sec.

Poster contest 3sec gallery The Hague/Breda.

Theme: Reclaim the Streets.

What do the streets nowadays look like? While cities become stone, the only nature to be found is in between the tiles.

Exhibition date: 29-06-18 04-09-18

Poster: A0, full color, textile.

An alteration of an existing (2D)animation

Everyone is me

A Face Filter, to make you look like me.

Exploration of face filter software, with 'deepfake' in mind. Can you create the effect of a deepfake in real time, without hours of rendering? The filter uses my face in combination with yours, my 'head' and your face as a projection blurring the lines between you and me.

Face filter: ios & android, instagram & facebook.

Getekend Landschap

Een 7 minuten durende documentaire over de ringwalburgen op Walcheren, Zeeland.

bekijk de video hier

Video: 1920 x 1080, 7 min. 37 sec.

Roman Lettering

For this assignment, we as a class made a book containing articles with typography as theme. My section, Roman Lettering, is part of a book by L.C. Evetts. In which he discribes the Trajan Column, Rome, in detail.
For the design of my 16 pages, I made a timeline of the font (on the column) being used through time. 113 AD, 1470 AD - 1600 AD, 1989 AD, 2012 AD. With its respective time based design. In the margins I added some information about that time, and why I choose to represent it in the pages. Also the fonts used are described.

Book: 17 x 24 cm, grayscale.

War Paintings

Award winning newspaper photos, made in war zones and conflict areas, painted with black and gray paint on A2 paper to conflict even more emotion and a different focus point than on the original photos.

Paintings on paper: 18 x A2, black and grey paint.


Realistic painting of Oz, personal project

Paint on canvas: 40 x 50 cm, Acrylic

Urban Patterns

Contast between the old and new. completely taken out of context and put back into a new.

Book: A3, full color, textured paper.
Poster: 2x A0, full color, matt print.

Commissioned work

Logo/corporate identity for KRUIDINN, Herboriste Yolanda de Vlugt.

Since the old website didn't meet the requirements that where set for the webpage, we made a list with important aspects visitors should be able to find online and together we create a whole new website, featuring a interactive map of the two towns.

Created a new identity inspired upon the old.
Creation and webmaster of Koudekerke Dishoek
Yearly flyer with map of Koudekerke & Dishoek, aimed at tourism.

label and flyer design for 'Weizen Bikkel Bier'

Commissioned by non-profit foundation Ride4Kids: team Zeeland, and

Logo/corporate identity revision for Grip krijgen op.

Logo/corporate identity and website for Mariska Hulsewé
In collaboration with Marijn Hulsewé, Kate Konovalova and Marieke van Vulpen.


Erwyn Izaaek Joziasse (1999)
Currently studying Graphic Design at ArtEZ University of the Arts, Arnhem - The Netherlands

'Reclaim the Streets', exhibited at Affiche Gallery the Hague & 3sec Gallery Breda

Registered at the Chamber of Commerce (KVK)

Exhibition at Ruimtekoers, Arnhem

Started BA Graphic Design, ArtEZ University of the Arts, Arnhem